Check Out Our Three Tie-Dye Hoodie Color Palettes

What’s your favorite color? Across the world, the answer to that question is statistically likely to be blue. People love the color blue, but there are so many other colors to enjoy as well! One of the most exciting things about tie-dye clothing is that you can wear multiple colors at the same time. So whether your favorite color is blue, red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or something else entirely, there’s a tie-dye hoodie at Tipsy that you will love. 

Tipsy is your go-to source for high-quality plain clothing, and one of our most popular items is our hoodies! Whatever color or style of hoodie you are choosing, you can rest easy knowing that it is made with quality fabric and a dedication to detail you won’t find anywhere else at these prices!

In today’s blog, we want to share a little bit more about the three color palettes our tie-dye hoodies come in! Read on below and make sure to order yours soon! 


Our denim tie-dye hoodie is primarily made up of shades of blue, making it perfect for the blue-loving people we mentioned above. This hoodie features black, indigo, teal, and sky blue swirled in a circle radiating from the center of the hoodie. While this hoodie is labeled with denim, that doesn’t mean you have to wear it with a pair of jeans! Throw on this cozy top with a pair of sweats for a laid-back look. 


What colors do you picture when you think of a classic piece of tie-dye clothing? Most likely, you think of a rainbow of colors featuring bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet — the entire ROYGBIV rainbow spectrum! You can think of our pastel tie-dye hoodie as a muted version of that. It has all of your favorite colors but is just a bit toned down. Our pastel color combination is perfect for both men and women and looks particularly good in spring and summer. 


Finally, our wine-colored hoodie is the perfect compromise between the two hoodies above! This tie-dye hoodie features primarily a range of wine-inspired purple colors as well as light blue, all of which blend together beautifully to create a unique color palette you don’t often see in tie-dye clothing. The coloring behind this wine hoodie is perfect for fall and winter, so order yours soon! 

Which Tie-Dye Hoodie Will You Choose? 

When ordering hoodies online from Tipsy, you have a lot of great options, particularly if you are looking for something fun and colorful. Our tie-dye hooded sweatshirts are made with a cozy blend of cotton and poly fabrics that ensure warmth while remaining breathable. Not only are our hoodies perfect for both men and women, but we also offer them in kids sizes so that the entire family can match! 

Show off your psychedelic side with one of our groovy tie-dye hoodies! If tie-dye isn’t your thing, make sure to check out the rest of our plain apparel we offer here at Tipsy!