Keeping Warm in Winter, Part 1

Winter usually produces two types of people: those that love winter, and those that hate winter. Those that love winter love being outside in the cold, building snowmen and doing winter sports, such as skiing and snowmobiling. Those who hate winter usually don’t mind the snow (in fact, most people think snow is one of the most beautiful things on earth) — what they object to is the cold.

If you are amongst those adverse to cold, Tipsy can help. We are a clothing store dedicated to plain apparel items, such as plain tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and fleece-lined jackets. We offer comfortable men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing in styles that suit everyone. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to keep warm in the winter. Browse our plain jackets online today!


Layer Up!

As much as you may hate this advice given to you by your mother since you were a toddler, it works, and there is a scientific reason behind it. The reason wearing layers is much warmer than a single layer is because warm air gets trapped between the two layers and thus acts as a layer of insulation that cannot escape. When you take off a layer, you are cooler because you’ve just released the air that was previously trapped.

Keep Your Extremities Warm

You lose a lot of heat from your extremities, including your head, feet, and hands. There are many reasons for this. One, these parts of your body are away from your central core, where you are the warmest. Two, it’s harder for blood to reach these areas, and it takes longer. Plus, when it’s cold outside, your body can go into survival mode, where it pulls excess blood flow into the core of your body where your vital organs are in order to ensure they have enough oxygen to survive. Thicker socks help, as well as wearing a winter hat and gloves anytime you venture forth outdoors.

Stay Active

When you move around, you generate heat, and when you exercise, your body becomes hot and begins to sweat in order to cool you down because your metabolic rate rises. Try to stay active in the winter months even though the weather outside is frightful. Tipsy recommends simple things such as cleaning your home or going for a brisk walk in the cold to keep you warm and keep you healthy throughout the long winter months.



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