Keeping Warm in Winter, Part 2

When it comes to staying warm in the winter, people have many preferred options. One of the best, of course, is staying huddled in bed all day, either watching Netflix or with a great novel that is preferably taking you to exotic locales where it is warm. However, for most of us, this is not an option we can indulge in. Instead, we have to have other methods to keep us warm in the winter.

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Warm Your Body From the Inside Out

There is a reason we crave soup and hot beverages during the cold winter months — they warm us up! When you indulge in a hot cocoa or a coffee with friends when it’s cold outside, the cold suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, and soon you start to feel warm inside. Plus, when you cook meals using your oven, you will warm up your kitchen and perhaps your entire home from the heat of the oven. One additional tip is to leave the oven door open after you are done backing so that the heat escapes into the house.

Become Best Friends With Your Rooms Upstairs

Since warm air rises, the upper story of your home is often warmer in the cold winter months. You’ve probably noticed this as you go up and down the stairs. If you spend more time upstairs, even in a spare room, you will be warmer than if you were downstairs.

Use the Sun

The sun, while not as strong as in the summer months, is still a powerful source of energy that you can harness in the winter. During the day, you can open the blinds to your home, and let the sunlight stream in. The sun’s energy will heat the air, which you will then feel when you are in your home.

Block Drafts

It’s important to keep the warm air that is inside in, and you can do this through eliminating leaking points in your home. Weather-stripping works wonderfully for doors and windows, and sometimes it’s as simple as making sure your storm windows are shut tight. Another great tip is to hang heavier curtains that will keep more air from reaching your windows and eventually either escaping or cooling down from contact with the colder air near your windows.


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