Adult Melange Hoodie With Full Zip (Style #768)

Adult Melange Hoodie With Full Zip (Style #768)


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This melange hoodie is perfect for when you want to combine style and comfort.

  • Blue or black melange hoodie
  • Stylish and casual jacket
  • Includes full zip and pockets
  • Perfect for day or night

The word melange comes from the French meaning ‘mixture’ or ‘medley’. This makes sense considering this melange hoodie features an intricately woven mixture of black/white or navy/white thread which effortlessly comes together to create muted versions of those colors, giving the zip-up hoodie a textured look. If you’re looking for a casual jacket that you can wear anywhere, consider this one from Tipsy!

  • 100% poly
  • Colors: Navy
  • Sizes: S-XXL